Friday, 5 December 2014

tableau updated course content

Data Visualization - Tableau
Class # Topic Description
1 Getting Started Introduction to Architecture
    Connecting to Data and introduction to data source concepts
    Understanding the workspace
    Dimensions and Measures
    Data Types and Properties
2 Analyzing using the tool Sample Views
    Working with aggregate vs disaggregate data
    Saving Workbook
3 Interface of the tool Filters & Context filters
    Reference Lines & trend lines
4 Calculated fields Logical conditions
    Table calculations
    Using parameters in calculated fields
    Create what-if analysis
5 Grouping Sets
6 Building interactive dashboards Combining multiple visualizations into a dashboard
    Making worksheet interactive by using actions and filters
7 Maps Explain latitude and longitude
    Default location/Edit location
    Custom Geo Coding
8 Working with data Difference between joining and blending data
    Working with data extracts and scheduling extract updates
9 Working with server Server Administration - Managing Users and Projects
    Publishing to Server
    User Filters

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