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tableau updated course content

Data Visualization - Tableau
Class # Topic Description
1 Getting Started Introduction to Architecture
    Connecting to Data and introduction to data source concepts
    Understanding the workspace
    Dimensions and Measures
    Data Types and Properties
2 Analyzing using the tool Sample Views
    Working with aggregate vs disaggregate data
    Saving Workbook
3 Interface of the tool Filters & Context filters
    Reference Lines & trend lines
4 Calculated fields Logical conditions
    Table calculations
    Using parameters in calculated fields
    Create what-if analysis
5 Grouping Sets
6 Building interactive dashboards Combining multiple visualizations into a dashboard
    Making worksheet interactive by using actions and filters
7 Maps Explain latitude and longitude
    Default location/Edit location
    Custom Geo Coding
8 Working with data Difference between joining and blending data
    Working with data extracts and scheduling extract updates
9 Working with server Server Administration - Managing Users and Projects
    Publishing to Server
    User Filters

tableau sample resume

·         Over 7 years of Experience in Designing, Administration, Analysis, Management in the Business Intelligence Data warehousing, Client Server Technologies, Web-based Applications and Databases and Experience in industries such as  Retail, Financial, Accounting, Distribution, Logistics, Inventory, Manufacturing, Marketing, Services, Networking and Engineering.
·         Experience in all the Latest BI Tools Tableau, Qlikview Dashboard Design, and Spotfire.
·         Experience in complex BI Reports, Dashboards, Project Management, Change/Incident Management, Maintenance, upgrade, Fix pack/Service pack installations, and Root cause analysis, Resolution Methods Time/ Cost/Budget Management.
·         3 yrs Experience in Tableau and Qlikview Dashboards in latest Design and Presentation.
·          Creation of metrics, attributes, filters, reports, and dashboards. Created advanced chart types, visualizations and complex calculations to manipulate the data. Act as a Point of Contact in Data Interoperability, Analytics and BI and Production Support issue resolution.
·          Designed, developed and supported BI solutions, Involved in Debugging and monitoring, and troubleshooting issues/tickets. Implemented advanced geographic mapping techniques and use custom images and geo coding to build spatial visualizations of non-geographic data.
·         Transformed Tableau into a managed service offering for consumption across Corporate Treasury and Corporate Investments.
·         Experience in Developing Performance Dashboards, Score cards, Metrics, What if analysis, Prompts, Drills, Search (using Add-ons),Reports/Dashboards for all the functional areas  including Finance, Change Management, Order Management, Pricing, Purchasing, HR, Demand Planning, Discrete Manufacturing, Quality, Inventory Warehouse Management, Supply Chain, and Transportation, Sales/Marketing , Variable Objects with formulas.

American Arbitration Association (AAA), New York City, NY         Jul 2012 – Till Date
Tableau Developer.
Project : Prism
Description:  American Arbitration Association is a dispute resolution company. Prism is an application which aids the users in the process of arbitration. This application has modules such as User Management, Contact Information, Event Management, Financials, Scheduling, Neutrals Management, Document Management, Communications Module, and Notes Management. This project is to convert the existing Dashboards and SQL metrics ,filters and reports into advanced chart types and visualization.
·         Created Rich dashboards using Tableau Dashboard and prepared user stories to create compelling dashboards to deliver actionable insights.
·         Responsible for interaction with business stake holders, gathering requirements and managing the delivery.
·         Connected Tableau server to publish dashboard to a central location for portal integration.
·         Connected Tableau server with share-point portal and setup auto refresh feature.
·         Created visualization for logistics calculation and department spend analysis.
·         Generate KPI for customer satisfaction survey results and disease management.
·         Maintained Test log and Wrote test Evaluation, Summary Reports.
·         Extensively involved in doing user acceptance testing (UAT).
·         Generated Test Cases for each specification in Requirement Specification Document corresponding to each module.
·         Generated the test plan specifying an overview of testing approach, testing strategy, roles, responsibilities and its scope.
·         Created Test Scripts, Test hierarchy to represent the features and functionality that need to be test in the application.
·         Analyzed user and business requirements attended periodic meetings for changes in the application requirements and documents.
·         Performed Parallel Testing or Production Testing, which ensures that the new system will perform correctly in a production environment and interface correctly with other production systems.
·         Participated in the User Acceptance Warranty Testing. Involved in doing security and negative testing of the application.
Environment : Windows 7 and Linux,  Tableau, tableau server, MS-Excel, SQL Server , SharePoint, Microsoft office, Jdeveloper, SQL-PLUS, C++ , Visual Basic.

Satyam computer Services Limited, Parsippany ,NJ                               Aug 2010 – Jul 2012
Senior Business intelligence / Tableau Developer
Project 1:  OPTUS
Project 2:  MACBETH
Description:   Satyam is an IT outsourcing company that recruits candidates to work for their clients around the world. In this project I worked on 2 projects based on Tableau platform for an Australian Telecom company OPTUS. MACBETH project had to clarify the problems arising in the Database when the new customers are purchasing a SIM card or existing customers upgrade their services .4G broadband service was also added in their services. Premium Voicemail is the project that dealt with new service of free trial period voicemail for new and existing customers and their upgrades after a month, if opt by customer.
·         Creation of metrics, attributes, filters, reports, and dashboards created advanced chart types, visualizations and complex calculations to manipulate the data.
·         Transformed TABLEAU into a managed service offering for consumption across Corporate Treasury and Corporate Investments.
·         Act as a Point of Contact/Administrator in Data Interoperability, Analytics and Business Intelligence and Production Support issue resolution.
·         Build and maintain SQL scripts, indexes, and complex queries for data analysis and extraction.
·         Designed, developed and supported BI solutions, Involved in Debugging and  monitoring, and troubleshooting issues.
·         Implemented advanced geographic mapping techniques and use custom images and geo coding to build spatial visualizations of non-geographic data.
·         Work directly with management, vendors, and third parties to ensure that Web-site’s financial transactions and database management applications operate at peak efficiency.
·         Ensured projects were completed on time and within budget.
·         Played key role in enhancing client’s Web reporting system, reducing time of delay financial tracking analysis by 30%.
·         Purchasing, Setting up, and configuring a Tableau Server and MS-SQL 2008 R2 server for Data warehouse purpose.
·         Consolidate multiple data silos that exist on campus to one location.
·         Scheduled data extracts on a daily basis.
·         Sophisticated stored procedures and triggers to provide complete technical solutions.
·         Worked with all levels of development from analysis through implementation and support. Participated in test planning and test script definition.
·         Resolved end user reporting problems through collaboration with IT and Operations.
Environment : Windows XP, Linux, Windows 7, Tableau, Tableau Server ,SQL Developer, MS-SQL 2008 R2, MS-Access, MS Excel and SQL, Java , JavaScript, SQL ,VB

Tech Mahindra Pune, INDIA                                                                 April 2008 –July 2010
Sr. SQL Developer
Project : QANTAS

Description:  Qantas is an airline company based in Australia. It’s  one of the leading airline company in Australia. In this project maintaining the Database was the key task. Database maintaining consisted of their customer details, feedbacks, ticket sales, transactions and other amenities.
·         Plan, design, and implement application database code objects such as stored procedures and views.
·         Provide database coding to support business applications using T-SQL.
·         Perform quality assurance and testing of SQL server environment.
·         Develop new processes to facilitate import and normalization, including data files for counterparties.
·         Ensure best practices are applied and integrity of data is maintained through security, documentation, and change management.
·         Performed development activities from gathering requirements and designing solutions, through developing code / reports, to testing and release / deployment.
·         Trained and mentored EBI team, users and  assisted and coached them in  material, processes and delivery of training, training standards and best practices.
·         Interacted with report owners to establish/clarify their requirements and developed report specifications.
·         Performed development activities from gathering requirements and designing solutions, through developing code/ reports, to testing and release / deployment
Environment: Microsoft, Linux, Oracle 10g / 9i / 8i / 7.x, DB2 7.x / 8.x, SQL Server 2005/2000, MS Access 2000

LIPI Data Systems, Mumbai,  INDIA                                                    June 2006 –March 2008
SQL Developer

·         Programmed clients website and applications – worked collaboratively with clients. Teammates and web analysts to complete designs and estimates.
·         Provided insightful ideas for developing effective and accurate codes – Evaluated latest technology on the market and made recommendations to clients to integrate new designs as available by new technology.
·         Collaborated with end users and other related departments to ensure that the website is meeting the client’s expectations and business requirements.
·         Collaborated with technical team members to integrate back-end and front-end elements.
Environment: Windows 00/XP , SQL Developer, MS-SQL 2008 R2, MS-Access, MS Excel and SQL-PLU, Java.


Bachelors of Engineering, UNIVERSITY OF PUNE, INDIA

Tableau interview questions

How many viz SQL process should I run?
How many extracts (extract type) can be used on a single server(without effecting server performance like memory) ?
What are the possible reasons for slow performance in Tableau?
How to check the performance step by step manner(DB, Report side, Network) in tableau report ?
How to improve the tableau report performance?
How we can find the tableau Report Rendering Time.?
What kind of technology is a Tableau Viz?
Is there a limit on storage space for the data?
How do you create dashboard.? Can you explain the life cycle.?
Can you explain about table calculations?
I have one scenario like Year in integer and week in String and wanted to calculate the YTD.. how to do this.?
What kind of join do you see in data blending?
What is data blending..? When do you use this.?
When do you use horizontal and vertical components?
Name the components of dashboard?
Can we have multiple value selection in parameter?
What are parameters and when do you use it?
What is the difference between tableau 7.0 and 8.0 versions?
How Does Tableau Work?
What is Tableau Reader?
What is Tableau Server?
What is Tableau Desktop?
What is the Defference between quick filter and Normal filter.?
What is the Difference between connect live and import all data and Import some data.?
How do I automate reports using Tableau software?
How does Tableau perform with huge datasets?
How is Tableau so fast when working with databases?
How many types of filters are there in Tableau.?